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• Here is a brief overview of what we do.

Quigley's Home Renovations can conform its services to your individual needs; we can include a number of general contractor services. Some of those services include design support, estimates, resource planning, scope management, scheduling, project administration, and supervision. We now offer pre-approved financing.

The SNAP program is a fast and flexible financial program that is endorsed by your local dealer. Owen will be pleased to help you apply for this and answer any questions you may have.
The program is designed in a consumer-friendly manner offering a number of options. Visit our financing page to apply today.

Our years of experience and referrals makes us your best choice for any project, large or small. Our completed projects are a testament to the knowledge of our skills and quality of our worksmanship. Check out our photos page for design projects.

Our Motto is:

"We Take PRIDE in Our Work" -- Owen Quigley